• Brace for impact

    Specialist knee bracing clinic

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  • Biomechanics for growing bodies

    Biomechanical Assessments aged 7 years upwards

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  • Understanding your biomechanics

    Optimising function and injury prevention

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  • Over 20 years experience in Bracing and Biomechanics

    Serena has dedicated her skills as an Orthotist, helping others solve their structural and functional problems. Where required she will use the latest bracing and orthotics technology to enable people to continue to be active.

    Serena gained her expertise working in major London NHS hospitals, progressing to the private sector where she gained valuable insight to gait analysis and sports specific bracing, at the original Technology in Motion Clinic in Wimbledon.

    Today Serena runs her very own clinical service providing biomechanical and bracing solutions and works alongside many of the renowned  Surgeons, Sports Physicians and Physiotherapists, and has has treated both recreational and elite athletes.


  • Clinical Services

    • Knee Bracing

      Support and protection for specific sports and injuries.

    • Biomechanics

      Highlighting abnormal biomechanics to optimise function and prevent injury.

    • Orthotics

      Bracing for feet, ankles, knees, backs, elbows, wrist, hand and shoulders!

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  • Testimonials

    • “I updated my CTI knee brace after 20 years of use after an ACL injury and subsequent repair. I am extremely happy with the service that Serena Stubbs provided and my new brace feels 100% more supportive and stable. Serena’s expert knowledge in the measuring and fitting process was invaluable, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs the added stability of a knee brace”

      Graham Bell
    • “I had been suffering for years from a major ankle/foot problem stemming from a stage three flat-foot condition. It had become so painful that I was barely able to walk. Serena initially made me orthotics to go iny my shoes, which helped a lot. Then, after I had seen a specialist ankle/foot surgeon, she made me a customized ankle-foot orthosis (AFO), which he recommended I should use indefinitely. The AFO she made for me has completely changed my life. I can now walk again with very little discomfort. I would recommend Serena 110 per cent”!

      John Karter